Business, Education, or Technology Consultation
Business, Education, or Technology Consultation

360 Training & Development

Business, Education, or Technology Consultation

通常価格 $100.00
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360 is an expert at helping businesses and schools meet organizational goals through employee training, customized curriculum, technology integration, and by recommending business, financial, technical, or educational resources: 

   360's Business, Technology, & Educational Consulting Objectives

  • create and modify business plan and strategies
    • (LLC Formation, Trademarking, Business Planning)
  • create STEAM interventions to support standardize testing and the school's Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) 
    • (STEAM Curriculum, Workforce Certifications, Math Tutoring)
  • using analytics and prescriptive intelligence to determine your target market and grow 
    • (Data Analysis)
  • develop research and standards-based STEAM interventions, programming, and curriculum 
    •  (Curriculum Development)
  • certify and train staff to deliver STEAM curriculum or to use new technology platforms 
    •  (Employee/Teacher Training)

The listed price is the hourly fee for all consultations.   Please contact us to discuss which service is best for you!