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LLC Formations

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Start Your LLC Today!

An LLC is a business structure, formed at the state level, that shields its owners from personal liability. An LLC has its own legal existence, separate from the people who formed it. This means that if an LLC can’t pay a debt, its owners aren’t usually required to dip into their personal assets to pay it. This is called limited liability, and it’s the main perk of starting an LLC.

Here is a list of items we will help you establish or collect from you to get started:

  1. LLC Name
  2. Select Your State
  3. File Articles of Organization in Your State
  4. Designate a Registered Agent (personal legally responsible)
  5. Create an Operating Agreement
  6. Apply for an EIN
  7. Setup a local tax account

It is extremely important to properly setup your LLC to ensure you separate your personal expenses and finances from your business expenses and finances.  Ultimately, banks and investors are willing to take more risk on business than individuals. When you apply for your first business bank account and credit card, they will use your personal credit as a guarantee.  After you establish your business credit, you and your business will qualify for more funding. It is imperative that you maintain both personal and business credit to help your LLC thrive and grow!

After your purchase, lease check your email and complete the one-page form to begin your LLC today!  We will file your paperwork within 24 hours of receiving your completed form response.