Candelphia is a Philadelphia family-owned, all-natural sweet shop providing candied fruits and  fresh cut fruits and veggies to community corner stores!

FREE DELIVERY to local Philadelphia community corner stores and small owned businesses on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays. Orders are made fresh each morning and delivered immediately. 

Candelphia’s mission is to partner with community corner stores to provide access to fresh, ready-to-eat, fruits and veggies to kids and families.  In 2020 reported heart disease as one of the leading cause of death in Philadelphia. Evidence suggests heart disease is more prevalent in communities with a high population of community corner stores.

Be the change Philadelphia needs! Partner with Candelphia to provide healthier alternatives to sugary, salty, fried, and highly processed foods today! 

Contact us if your business is interested in WHOLESALING or FREE samples, 215-995-5032.


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