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Mission Statement

360 Training & Development is a minority and women owned business with a mission to strengthen and diversify the STEM workforce pipleline through schools, colleges, community organizations, and business partnerships.  We provide STEM services to support the entire family! Our programs include STEM Tutoring, STEM College Prep, STEM Workforce Certifications, STEM Education Consulting, STEM Staffing and Recruitment.

Vision Statement

To develop a pipeline of students from low-income, underrepresented communities that attend K-12 schools and are interested in pursing a STEM-related workforce certification or opt to attend a Historically Black College & Univeristy (HBCU) and major in a STEM-related discipline.  The goal of the vision is to increase the skillset, education-level, and a student's earning potential with the intention to earn a livable wage in their respective local community. 

Communities of Influence

Essentially, 360 seeks to create "Communities of Influence" with strong local, regional, and national partnerships within community organizations, schools, universities, and businesses to provide fair and equitable education and increase the living wage in low-income and underrepresented communities.