Candelphia is a family-owned, all-natural sweet shop providing fresh cut fruits and veggie for events and wholesale to community corner stores.  Our products include fruit cups, fruit trays, fruit cakes, salad bowls, and salad trays. 


Orders are made fresh each morning and delivered immediately.

Candelphia’s mission is a partner with small business and community corner stores to provide access to fresh, ready-to-eat, fruits and veggies to kids and families.  Our mission is a response to a national health crisis of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity that plague low income and communities of color.   The Department of Health & Human Services (2020) gives credit to the oversaturation of unhealthy food chains and community corner stores for the national health crisis.

Be the change your community needs! Partner with Candelphia to provide healthier alternatives to sugary, salty, fried, and highly processed foods today! 

Contact us if your business is interested in WHOLESALING or FREE samples, 215-995-5032.